Chalice and Lay Ministers



Altar Guild

What We Do

The Altar Guild works throughout the week to prepare the elements, vessels, and altar for our numerous liturgies. They make sure every single thing is in place-- from the wafers and the wine, to the candles and the altar frontals, all the way to the correct clean linens. 

How do I get involved?

The Altar Guild is comprised of a very dedicated group of lay leaders eager to serve in helping facilitate the sacramental worship of the parish.  Due to the level of commitment and dedication required, serving on Altar Guild is done by invitation. That said, if you are interested in serving in this wonderful and valuable ministry, please contact the parish offices, as we are always interested in fielding new members!


Flower Guild

 What We Do

The mission of the Flower Guild is to “enhance the liturgy with God’s glorious flowers.” This they do quite well!  The Flower Guild decorates the sanctuary in beautiful bouquets of flowers, and does special arrangements for principle times in the Christian year, such as Christmas and Easter.   There are 4 teams that serve on the Guild and when a fifth Sunday appears on the calendar one of those teams is assigned  to do the flowers. Each team has about ten members and the teams arrange flowers approximately ten times a year. 

How to Get Involved

Interested in learning some florist skills? Enjoy working with plants? This might be the ministry for you! No prior skills in flower arranging are required.  To learn more, please contact Dorie Swan or Dick Yoho, Flower Guild Co-Chairs.