Dec 03, 2017 | Fr. Rob Lord

Advent: Beginnings and Endings

Listen to Fr. Rob's sermon on Sunday, December 3, the first Sunday in Advent, as he reminds us about the importance of our time.

From Fr. Rob:

"Advent reminds us about the importance of our time. Christ is called the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. This suggests that there are two kinds of time: ordinary time and "fullness time," historical time and time which contains special meaning. Theology calls these two kinds of time chronos and kairos.

"The first Sunday of Advent invites us to recognize that these beginnings and endings are connected; that the Christ who will return at the end of time somehow inhabits each ending we experience in this life. Author Jan Richardson says: "Every year, Advent calls us to look for the presence of Christ who enters into our every loss, who comes to us in the midst of devastation, who gathers us up when our world has shattered, and who offers the healing that is a foretaste of the wholeness he is working to bring about not only at the end of time but also in this time, in this place."
"As Advent begins, remember, God is a God who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him."


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