Stewardship 2018: Let Us Go Forward Together

10.24.17 | by Fr. Rob Lord

    Stewardship 2018: Let Us Go Forward Together 

    To be the church, All Saints must continue to receive your support in every way: time, talent, and yes, the treasures entrusted to your care. This will be a year like no other, as All Saints moves toward the search and call of new ordained leadership. So in this important time, I am asking you to be more generous than you ever have been before. 

    The Episcopal Church sees stewardship as more than just contributing money to the church or tithing; it’s about finding the best use of your gifts by sharing your time, talent, and treasure with the church.

    Stewardship is a way of responding to God’s generosity with our own generosity. Because we are called daily to the sacred act of using and sharing our resources of time, talent, and treasure, this journey of generosity is an exciting adventure into a deeper relationship with God.  It is essentially all that we do with all that we have after we say, “I believe.”

    As I celebrate my twelfth and final Patronal Festival together with you as your Rector on All Saints Sunday, November 5, I will be filled with a deep gratitude for the generosity of this parish through the years. Early in 2018, we will move into a new beginning as I complete my ministry with you. Make a very generous pledge to the future of All Saints. Let us go forward together.

    With joy and gratitude,


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