Pastoral Care: We Are in This Together

04.26.17 | by Fr. Russell Wohlever

    Pastoral care has been a part of the church from its inception. The book of Acts shows us that the newborn church ensured the needs of all its members were met. This model of caring is a part of the church’s DNA. The church wants to reflect Jesus by sharing burdens, strengthening the weak, encouraging the hopeless, comforting the grieving, and refreshing the tired.

    All Saints Pastoral Care ministry is there to support people not only in their pain, loss, and anxiety but also in their triumphs, joys, and victories. It is often called the sacrament of presence—being present with, listening to, and journeying alongside people.

    Here is an often forgotten truth concerning All Saints Pastoral Care ministry: every member here can be a part of this crucial and rewarding ministry. Many times, I have seen someone step up and serve another in our parish during a time of need. Perhaps the easiest way to help is to let All Saints know what is happening in your life or the life of another person in our family. Nothing is more gut-wrenching for us than when someone in our community “falls through the cracks.” When no one visited a sick parishioner in the hospital, or when no one came when a member was suffering alone during a crisis.

    The clergy of All Saints does not want to miss those moments. Please help be the eyes and ears of All Saints; let us know when you see or hear of a need within the church. We are in this together.

    You can share the life events of those in our parish with Parish Secretary Michelle Christoph at or (407) 599-4304 or Fr. Russell at or (407) 647-3413.  

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