Youth Ministry

All Saints WP Youth

Our youth group is a safe, welcoming space where anyone can bring 100% of themselves. We aim to create discipleship-driven youth who are passionate about their faith and seek to serve Christ in the world. 

We achieve this by...

Students Reaching Students

  • Extending the love of Christ to friends.
  • Being a light to those in darkness.
  • Igniting the passion for God in one other.

Students Teaching Students

  • Increasing in knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Growing in the character of Christ.

Students Influencing the World

  • Serving in the church.
  • Serving in the community.
  • Serving in the world.

Our Mission

Here at All Saints, we are passionate about our faith! We want every student to experience the joy, hope, love, and peace that comes with being a disciple of Jesus. We know that everybody is on a spiritual journey and we invite you, no matter where you are, to journey with us!

Our Mission Statement
  • To grow mature, life-long disciples of Christ who worship in the fullness of the Christian faith and sacramental life.

  • To grow students who seek Christ's Holy catholic and apostolic Church.

  • To grow students who love as Christ loved, serve as Christ served, and who make disciples of all nations.

The 5 Purposes of Our Youth Ministry
  1. Ministry: Meeting the spiritual, physical, and personal needs of students with love.

  2. Evangelism: Telling our friends about Jesus Christ and his Church. We invite everybody to join us in the fullness of the Christian faith!

  3. Fellowship: Coming together as one youth family to encourage one another, hold each other accountable, and to journey together.

  4. Discipleship: The building up and strengthening of students to be more Christ like.

  5. Worship: Coming together as one Church family in the holy mass to bring praise and adoration to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do this through song, prayer, the reading of Holy Scripture, and receiving the sacraments. We also set aside "holy times" throughout the year and our day to day lives for personal spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, and holy days of observance. We worship as a family, with our parish family, and youth family!

What to Expect


Sunday is our principal gathering. We meet from 6pm- 8pm in the Thomas Center. 

We begin with prayer and a short lesson on a passage from Scripture. Then, we gather for a meal before breaking into small groups for discussion and study. The high school students meet upstairs in the "Upper Room," while the middle schoolers break into groups by grade. After small groups, we return together for games and fellowship.


Wednesday nights from 7pm-8pm in the Youth Room, we meet for a small group Bible Study and fellowship. Students bring $5 to chip in for pizza. Wednesday night Bible Study is a great way to stay connected during the week and to grow in your faith and knowledge of the Bible!

Missions, Outreach, and Events

All Saints WP Youth also participate in various mission trips, diocesan youth events, and other fun fellowship events throughout the year. 

We go on ski trips, attend Rock the Universe at Universal Studios, plan other outings, get dinner together, and more.

Get Involved!

At All Saints, we are like one big family. No matter who you are or where you come from you will find a home here with us. You can expect to find a warm welcoming atmosphere with students who are excited and passionate about growing in their faith. Join us!

If you are interested in learning more, contact Fr. Cameron at !


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