What to Expect

All Saints is a parish focused on the sacramental life of the Christian faith. On any given Sunday, you can expect...

A Warm Greeting

Ask anyone in the parish and they will tell you: what makes All Saints such a tremendous church lies in the goodness and graciousness of its people. We are happy you are here!

...And Even Warmer Coffee

There's a joke that along with the other seven sacraments, Episcopalians have an eighth-- coffee hour! Perhaps because the central act of worship for Episcopalians is a ritual meal, we love gathering over good food and drink for fellowship and conversation. You will always find coffee and baked treats after every service on Sundays. 


Our worship draws from the riches of our Anglican heritage. We follow the 1979 Book of Common Prayer for our services.

In the Episcopal Church, the Eucharist (Holy Communion) stands as the principal act of worship. We stand to sing hymns, sit to hear readings from Scripture, and kneel to pray. Our services invite the participation of the whole congregation-- church isn't something we "attend," it's something we do together.


Being a Christian is so much more than merely attending church on Sunday morning. We believe that our faith influences all that we do, and thus do our best to provide a number of opportunities to grow in that faith. Whether through Bible studies, Sunday morning classes, prayer groups, outreach opportunities, or any of our numerous ministries, All Saints cares about the spiritual health and formation of its members.


All Saints is a supportive community that upholds and uplifts its members. No matter where you are in life-- celebrating a major milestone, lacking hope, seeking answers-- we are here to come alongside you, whether to lift a glass or lend a hand.

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